Joseph C. Reich

"Joe is a talented self starter."

Joseph C. Reich , LEED AP

Mechanical Designer - Joe is a no non-sense kind of guy.  He works hard so he can play hard.  Joe rarely does anything half way.  His motto is, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

As a Mechanical Designer, Joe is passionate about creating efficient, maintenance-friendly designs developed in a team environment.  Joe is a critical thinker and always looking for a way to contribute to the overall good of the company.

When it comes to recreation, Joe was once a formidable paintball competitor. He started playing at 8 years of age and by 13 he was intimidating his older cousins on the paintball field. Joe’s team decided to compete at the amateur level and wound up winning third-place in the State of Michigan and landing a sponsorship for the next couple of years.