We are always looking for talented candidates to join the Kingscott team! We have offices throughout Michigan in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Chelsea, and Petoskey. If you see a position here that interests you, please submit your resume by clicking on the “Interest Form” in the menu above.

At Kingscott, we believe in people, working together, to create the extraordinary.


We believe in people…

We strive to create a culture where quality of life takes precedence and work-life balance is nurtured. When you align people’s strengths and talents with their passion, the results are extraordinary.  That’s why we offer a flexible work environment. It allows our team to do what they do best, in the way they do it best.  Our employees are creative, active, interesting people both at work and at home.  We respect the lives of our employees outside of work. That’s what fuels their passion.  We are a company of real, whole people who respect and appreciate one another. 


…working together…

Grab your hat and get on board.  We’re fast paced, project driven and team oriented.  We abide by the notion that many heads create better solutions. In order to deliver exceptional results, on time, we foster a high-level of team-work.  Brainstorming, idea sharing and entertaining the unconventional are the backbone of our collaboration. We support each other not only by contributing ideas, but by backing each other when the workload gets heavy.  No one is expected to go it alone.


…to create the extraordinary.

Extraordinary experiences and results look different for different people.  At Kingscott we strive to understand “extraordinary” for each of one of our clients and our employees and then we work hard to create that experience for each individual.  We engage our teams in the idea of “running the experiment” in order to test new ideas for merit.  We view unsuccessful experiments as opportunities for learning, growth, and the foundation of extraordinary results.  And it’s the successful experiments that keep us on the cutting edge.


Our commitment to these core values, drive our team and our work.  People are the reason we come to work every day.