We are always looking for talented candidates to join the Kingscott team! We have offices throughout Michigan in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Chelsea, and Petoskey. If you see a position here that interests you, please submit your resume by clicking on the “Interest Form” in the menu above.

At Kingscott, we believe in people, working together, to create the extraordinary.


Have you ever wanted a reset button?
A way to chart a new course? To write a new story?

In August of 2014, Kingscott found that button and began telling a new story. Our story is anchored in knowing that when people work together, extraordinary things are possible.

Kingscott is a team based organization - from the top down. Our CEO is a team of 5 people. We work as a team to make the best decisions for the company. We expect the same of our staff.

Prior to 2014, if someone asked us what we did we would say “We are Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers.” Now we say “We solve problems, build community and empower people through the disciplines of Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design.” What a difference this has made for us! Kingscott is looking for game changers – people and opportunities to take us to the next level. We believe in fearlessly exploring. We believe it is good to try something new. We believe in running the experiment.

To be successful at Kingscott you need to be “All In” – to be fully committed. It is important to us to stick to things even when they are hard. To be intentional in following through for everyone’s success. To be passionate about your work and take ownership for its success. We need to believe in each other, to want the best for everyone and to always assume good intentions.